Frequently Asked Questions

This site allows any foreigner wishing to visit the Republic of Benin to submit their e-Visa application online. However, Africans can visit Benin without a visa for 90 days.
The start date of validity will be the date of entry into Benin that you indicate in your online request in the "Trip data" section.
The validity period of the e-Visa will be the one you choose in your request: 30 days or 90 days.
The right visa is chosen according to the length of your stay.
We recommend that you apply for eVisa online at least 7 days before your date of entry to Benin. However, it is not possible to apply more than 90 days before your date of entry into Benin.
As the issuance of the e-Visa is an automated process, it is not possible to modify the e-Visa once it has been issued. We advise you to read the form carefully before submitting.
No it is not possible to get a refund. We advise you to be sure of the information before applying. 
When your e-Visa expires during your stay in Benin, please contact the office of emigration and immigration to extend it. 
The treatment can last from one hour to 96 hours. 
The payment platform only supports cards with 3DS.2